It's been such a long road to this point but I am finally about to begin flourishing in my transition. For so many years I struggled to give voice to the pain and finally it begun alleviating when I told the world about the woman inside me and begun to honour her with my transition. It's been so hard but I can see the mountain top. I am asking for the help in getting there. To taste my final surgeries up ahead which will help me leave the house without obsessively checking the mirror for signs that I am not passing. I really really really NEED this. Donate here.


Lucas is currently 18 years old, and came to the United States as a refugee 11 years ago. He speaks 3 languages, and he started wearing flannel before he even knew it was cool. He's hardworking, smart, and what I’d call an artistic prodigy, though he’s so humble that I can practically hear him mumbling an objection as I type this. In addition to winning numerous academic and artistic awards, he has won the hearts of many adults in his life—high school teachers, friends’ parents, and working artists such as myself— all of whom are currently doing our best to help and protect him. See, Lucas is going through some seriously terrifying shit right now. He's in a predicament that no one should ever have to face, let alone someone his age.  Donate here.


We believe clubbing should be safe for everyone and club nights need to take more responsibility for their guests. Getting home safe is also an important factor. Trans femmes of colour are the most at risk to these forms of abuse so now that we have a substantial regular guests and followers we are in a position to offer our most marginalised and vulnerable guests a safer way to travel home. Please donate what you can. Thank you. PP x Donate here.