When you are born, you are immediately born into a community.  Whether that’s racial, religious, cultural or geographical, you are born into a community that will tell you your history and stories…unless you’re LGBTQ.

We grow up, and realise we are other, and have to find our community for ourselves. Nobody writes down our history, nobody preserves our folk-tales. We’re told we’ve achieved full legal equality…but why are we still ‘other’?

Qmmunity podcast will ask questions of ourselves, explore who we are, as a community, as individuals, where we have come from, how we’ve changed and developed and what the future may hold for us.  Along the way, we will seek to record and preserve the LGBTQ mythology and folklore for future generations to understand where we’ve come from, how we’ve got here…and where we belong in our Qmmunity.



Charities We Support


In 1989 The Albert Kennedy Trust was founded in response to the death of a young gay man, its remit is to protect & support young LGBTQ people who are homeless, living in dangerous home environments or experiencing a housing crisis and provide them with a safe place to live, and support getting education & training.



Mermaids are a specialist charity working to raise awareness about gender nonconformity in children and young people amongst professionals and the general public, while providing support and resources for young Trans* & non-binary children and their parents.